What to See in Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska

Omaha is a city in the U.S. state of Nebraska, on the Missouri River, and has so many exciting places to visit. There are several interesting museums, public art displays, children’s museums, zoos, and aquariums. To help you plan your trip we have made a list of top places to visit in Omaha, Nebraska.

1- Old market:

Old Market District is the best place where you will find a variety of historical buildings and the  19th-century cobblestone streets. It’s a wonderful place to wander around and see the historical buildings. At the old market, you will find some of Omaha’s best and most interesting cafés and restaurants. There are also art galleries, restaurants, and flea markets where you can stroll and explore and enjoy shopping. It’s a great place for families of all ages and you can listen to some street musicians’ live performances too.

2- Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is home to unique exhibits and is one of the state’s most popular attractions. It is known for being the largest indoor desert in the world and also North America’s largest indoor rainforest. You can also find underground caves and enjoy a close-up look at creatures, from bats to beavers and other animals that you may not even have heard of before. Children’s play area is also available and you can enjoy some nice restaurants and eating areas too at the zoo. Some people I know have recommended this to me.

3- Omaha Children’s Museum

The Omaha Children’s Museum is a popular attraction for tourists. The museum features eight permanent indoor exhibits and one outdoor exhibit. There are so many activities surrounding arts, science and technology, zoology, and so much more. Apart from educational activities, there are interactive exhibits for the children. It’s a great place to visit with kids.

4- Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

The Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge is a 3,000-foot footbridge perfect for strolling and enjoying the city’s beautiful views. There are outdoor trails that are perfect for walking, cycling, or biking. Visitors come here to enjoy some peaceful time.

5- Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen is a 100-acre garden in the riverfront hills area of Omaha city. It is the loveliest place to enjoy and explore the beauty of nature. The Lauritzen garden was founded in 1995 and displays a variety of flowers. The garden also has an indoor conservatory, model railroad, education center, and a bird sanctuary. There are 3 miles of trails which you can explore.

6- The Durham Museum

The Durham museum was opened in 1931 and is an official national historic landmark. There are so many interactive exhibits including restored train cars,1940’s storefronts, and numerous artifacts defining the history of the city. The Steam Locomotive Stations are a must-visit where you can see the inner workings of this world-changing technology and the train exhibits. This museum depicts the life of the earlier residents.

Salt Lake City is known for Skiing

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City has so many attractions to see and visit. Having so many religious and cultural places, you will enjoy every moment in Salt Lake City. Apart from cultural and religious attractions, Salt Lake City offers so many scenic views and shopping areas. Here are some of the best places to visit in Salt Lake City;

1- Temple Square:

Temple Square is one of the culturally and religiously historic sites in Salt Lake City. The building has a majestic architecture with beautiful gardens. Temple Square has museums and libraries to explore. The Family history Library in Temple Square is the largest genealogy library in the world. The Temple Square has lots of historical and religious information to learn about. Your visit to Temple Square won’t be boring.

2- Big Cottonwood Canyon:

Big Cottonwood Canyon is full of outdoor activities. Whether you want to go for a drive or enjoy some activities this place has lots to offer. There are hiking trails, mountain biking, and rock climbing areas. It’s also a great place for sightseeing and is perfect to visit any time of the year. The Big Cottonwood Canyon also offers fishing, skiing, and snowboarding facilities. On your way to hiking or driving, you can spot some wildlife animals too. It’s such an amazing place in Salt Lake City to visit with lots of activities and sightseeing options.

3- Salt Lake City Public Library:

If you are a book lover or lover of architecture, Salt Lake City Public Library is an incredible site to visit. The library was opened in 2003 and has over 500,000 books. The library has marvelous architecture. Even if you don’t like to read; the spectacular architecture is enough to see and admire. The rooftop of the library offers great views and you can find a variety of shops and on-site cafes.

4- City Creek Center:

The City Creek Center is the best shopping and dining destination which offers 110 stores and restaurants. You can find some top brands to shop from including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Michael Kors, and more. It’s the best place for shopping in Salt Lake City. The City Creek Center also offers indoor and outdoor areas and has some nice restaurants to eat from. If you are finding someplace to shop, then this should be on the top of your list and has some of the amazing brands to shop.

5- Great Salt Lake:

The Great Salt Lake, in northern Utah, is the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere.

There are so many hiking trails and picnic spots. It’s a nice place to visit with your family. The Great Salt Lake also offers fishing and boating opportunities. It’s also a nice place to go swimming. You can spot some wildlife too. The view from the lake during the sunset and sunrise are beautiful and breathtaking. The Great Salt Lake has picturesque views and it is a really nice place to take some amazing pictures.

Top Things To Do When You Visit a Game Park

Game parks are one of the most interesting places to visit. When you have time and resources, you can just get into the wild and enjoy nature. Thanks to a number of activities that you can try to engage with when you go to a game park. 

Sometimes you would be spoilt of choice on things you can do. There are many different things that you won’t know what to leave out. And worst of all some parks have more fun things to do more than you can exhaust in one visit. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t find anything to enjoy. 

This article shares with you a top list of things to do when you visit a game park. 

  • Enjoy A Game Drive 

The first thing to do in a game park is to watch animals from the wild. If a park is large and has various animals, you can take your time exploring through it. Get a good safari tour vehicle and go for a game drive. 

The most important thing to do is to ensure that you have chosen a safe means of transport. For instance, if you are going to a park with poor terrains, get a Landcruiser or any other off-road vehicle. 

But the most important thing that you need to do is ensure you have a safe means of transport. You are in the wild, and it can be unsafe. You must be protected from the animal. So, if the park you are visiting has dangerous animals, get a safe means of transport. 

  • Hiking 

A game park is a great place to enjoy your hikes. However, only hike in game parks that have friendly animals. Don’t put your life at risk to hike in a game park. But if you find a secure and safe park, enjoy hiking. Take your time and explore the area. 

  • Boat Ridings 

If you go to a park with a river, you can enjoy boat riding. You can go through the park on a boat and enjoy some other fun activities like fishing. Most parks with a big river have boats and crew ready for guests. So, you won’t have to worry about it. Probably what you would be required to do is book the boat ride early in advance. 

  • Zip Lining 

If you enjoy an adrenaline rush, then try zip lining. In most of the parks that you will visit, you will find zip-lining equipment. These are perfect in ensuring you enjoy every moment. You will love parks with zip linings because they are long enough to give you the experience you wish. 

Parting Shot 

Visiting a game park is a great way to unwind and enjoy your vacation. And best of it all is that there are a number of fun things to enjoy when you visit a game park. So, if you are not sure what to do, try out any of the above fun activities.  Here is some info on 10 Ugandan Parks.