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Consider promoting these individual hot sellers in July. The World Traveler and the phone cards are ideal for the Summer travel season. Fee Free Safari World Traveler The C Card Xtra Clean Clear Connections Just Call Cards Aries Sapphire SuperStar Gemini Rechargeable. View all rechargeable cards. View all phone cards.


We removed a handful of cards during July, but replaced most of them with a superior product. New Cards Replaced Cards Scorpio Bang Bang Libra City Limits Aries Cool Aquarius Emperor Note: If you want to be among the first to know when we add a new product, request the addition of your name to our Super List by sending an email to Subject: Add to Super List. PHONE CARDS . Why do phone cards become new? Note: If you want to be among the first to know when we discontinue a product, request the addition of your name to our Super List by sending an email to Subject: Add to Super card. TIP OF THE MONTH Answers the Questions Webmasters Most Want To Know is our liaison into the brain trust at also sits on many of the panels at series. More about Just recently, Matt created a few short videos that cover a few important topics relating to what deems appropriate and inappropriate with regards to creating, hosting and optimizing a website for high rankings. Enjoy! Video Disclaimer Session 1: Including qualities of a good site. Session 2: Including some SEO Myths. Session 3: Should you Optimize for Search Engines or for Users? Session 4: Static vs. Dynamic urls: does PageRank flow the same to both? What pitfalls should I avoid with dynamic urls? Can Sitemaps alert webmasters when their site has been hacked? Can I do geotargetting within Google’s Quality Guidelines? Session 5: Merging acquired domains with 301s? How to create a site architecture with themes and keywords? My urls have too many parameters–can I serve up static HTML to Googlebot instead? How to do split A/B testing? Session 6: All about Supplemental Results Should I worry about results estimates for 1 supplemental results 2) using the site: operator 3) with negated terms and 4) special syntax such as intitle: ? Answer: No. That’s pretty far off the beaten path. Why do take so long to be reflected in supplemental results? It’s been months. I started appearing in the supplemental results in May–should I be worried? Session 7: Does Analytics play a part in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)? When does detect duplicate content, and how wide is the range? I want to mark my page as porn in SafeSearch–what do you recommend? Is it okay to make hyperlinks in option elements? Session 8: Terminology What’s the difference between an index update, an algorithm update, and a data refresh? I also discuss these definitions in terms of as much as I can. FREE MARKETING RESOURCES & INFORMATION Affiliate Marketing Education We've added a couple of new websites ideal for you Pros out there looking to keep your skills razor sharp, as well as for those whom are new to Marketing. Happy reading. Here's to staying ahead of the rest. Cheers! Conferences & Expos Summit Summit, founded by marketing industry veterans erves the marketing professional community. Top Search Engine Directory Submission Before you submit your website, take a look at these tips. If you want to reach some of the smaller search engines you can use this automated submission tool. Do not use this tool for the larger search engines. PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Time to ramp up your student targeted advertising. Are we missing any important holidays? Let us know!

New Calling Card

Why do some new phone cards? While we attempt to create a hi-quality, revenue producing line of phone cards, there will be instances in which the cards perceived to be winners simply end up being losers for reasons other than poor performance. Carriers create phone cards by anticipating usage and profit. They may also incorporate additional fees maintenance fees, connection fees in attempt to make more of a profit. Knowing this, the savvy phone card consumer attempts to discover ways to get maximum usage from a phone card. One such way is to purchase in smaller denominations and burn the card in one call, thereby avoiding the other fees. Thus, the carrier does not receive the additionally anticipated profit. Result… the card is withdrawn. In worse cases, a heavy loss because a carrier to cease business. Therefore, we must continue to seek alternative products. We’ll do our best to convey these changes to you as promptly as possible! This was delivered to you by phone card. You can take your email address off calling card list, or update your profile and/or send comments to calling card dealers. If you request to be taken off phone card dealer, we will honor your request pursuant to permission-based email terms and conditions.

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